We strongly believe in having a motivated Team, as reliability does not comes by only products and services but mainly it comes because of People. HAVI is very selective while appointing a Team Member, but when somebody becomes a part of Team then we ensure that the member stays with us for a long time. We are committed for the success of every Team member associated with HAVI and upgrade their knowledge by External and Internal training programs.

Vipul S Dalal

Managing Director

An Ambitious and Experienced leader, who believes in his people.

Vipul Panchal

Technical Director

An Creative Engineer and very passionate of Engineering. He strongly believes in "nothing is impossible."

Sagar S Dalal

G.M Operations

A System Oriented leader, who believes and lives systems.

Akash Dalal

Intl Bus. Dev.

Young and Energetic CA, who sees HAVI going public.